You will need to submit your abstract using the submission system from here. Note that only those proposals that are related to the conference theme will be considered for inclusion in the programme.

Even if your paper has already been accepted in 2020, you will need to resubmit it again given the elapsed period of time.

Your submission will need to be in two parts, as follows:

Part 1: Research (250 words)

Provide a description of your research project, briefly describing the rationale and research design. Describe its current state (submitted, in progress, results …).

Part 2: Relevance to the conference theme (500 words)

Describe in detail why your topic fits within the conference theme. You can focus on aspects of personalization, contextualization or socialization. Or on any aspect that would fall under ‘Intelligent CALL’. The difference between intelligent and smart being that smart focuses more on the user experience, learner satisfaction and learning effectiveness. A “smart” person or system applies intelligence to practical situations, quickly adapts to a specific context and always tries to make the best of it. You may check the conference theme for more information.