Selected Plenary Papers

The conference organizers will reward the best paper submission as a “selected plenary.” Shona Whyte, Preet Hiradhar, and Masatoshi Sato were the selected plenaries in 2015. Huifen Lin, Carolin Fuchs, and Liliana Cuesta Medina & Mauricio Buitrago Ropero were the selected plenaries in 2017. The selected plenaries in 2018 were Maria Bortoluzzi & Ivana Marenz; Ben De Meester, Sven Lieber, Anastasia Dimou, Ruben Verborgh, & Erik Mannens; and Qing Ma & Lixun Wang. In 2019, the selected plenaries were Wang Qi and Rafael Salabarry.

Jaclyn Ng Shi Ing Award

The best presentation by a PhD student will receive the Jaclyn Ng Shi Ing Award, in memory of our friend and colleague who passed away in the tragic event of Flight MH17.

Ufuk Balaman won the first Jaclyn Ng Shi Ing award for best PhD presentation in 2015. Jorge Eduardo Pineda Hoyos won this award in 2017. The 2018 award went to Anna Nicolaou with a paper entitled “Expanding a telecollaborative project through social entrepreneurship.” In 2019, the award went to to Hui Guo for her paper entitled “The ecology of L2 speaking learning with mobile apps.”

The 2022 award was given to Yurika Ito for her paper “A two-year investigation of a Facebook community for supporting language teachers using technology: Possibilities and challenges.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Finally, the Programme Committee of the CALL Research Conferences grants its Lifetime Achievement Award to colleagues who have been contributing in an exceptional and original way to the CALL community. The first Lifetime Achievement Award went to Claire Bradin Siskin in 2017. It was awarded to Phil Hubbard in 2018 and to Vance Stevens in 2019.

Three awards were given at the conference this year to mark the work of excellent scholars in the field; the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient was Hsien-Chin Liou, the 2021 recipient was Thomas Robb, and the 2022 recipient was Dorothy Chun.