The International CALL Research Conferences were initiated by Keith Cameron, first editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning, at Exeter University. In 2002, Jozef Colpaert took over both the editorship of this journal and the organization of the conferences.

1st  edition: “The Computer and Post A-Level Modern Language Teaching”, University of Exeter, 1985.

2nd  edition: “Principles of CALL”, University of Exeter, 1987.

3rd  edition: “Evaluation of CALL Programs”, University of Exeter, 1989.

4th  edition: “CALL and Hypermedia”, University of Exeter, 1991.

5th  edition: “Reactive and Creative CALL”, University of Exeter, 1993.

6th  edition: “CALL and the Learning Environment”, University of Exeter, 1995.

7th  edition: “Multimedia CALL: Theory and Practice”, University of Exeter, 1997.

8th  edition: “CALL and the Learning Community”, University of Exeter, 1999.

9th  edition: “CALL: The Challenge of Change”, University of Exeter, 2001.

10th  edition: “CALL Professionals and the future of CALL Research”, University of Antwerp, 2002.

11th  edition: “CALL and Research Methodologies”, University of Antwerp, 2004.

12th  edition: “How are we doing? CALL and Monitoring the Learner”, University of Antwerp, 2006.

13th  edition: “Practice-Based & Practice-Oriented CALL Research”, University of Antwerp, 2008.

14th  edition: “Motivation and Beyond”, University of Antwerp, 2010.

15th  edition: “The Medium Matters”, Providence University, Taichung, 2012.

16th  edition: “Research Challenges in CALL”, University of Antwerp, 2014.

17th  edition: “CALL and Task design”, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, 2015 (

18th  edition: “CALL in Context”, University of California Berkeley, 2017 (

19th edition: “CALL your DATA”, KULeuven, Bruges, 2018 (

20th edition: “Social CALL”, Education University Hong Kong, 2019 (

21st edition: “Smart CALL”, Waseda University, Tokyo, 2022 (

22nd edition: “Multimodality and CALL”, venue to be announced, 2023.

23nd edition: “CALL and Psychology”, venue to be announced, 2024.